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The Speyer Legacy School opened its doors on the west side of Manhattan in September 2009. The school will eventually enroll students from kindergarten through eighth grade.  In its inaugural year, The Speyer Legacy School welcomed students in kindergarten, first and second grade. The faculty consists of full and part-time teachers, offering a faculty to student ratio of approximately three to one. Classes, therefore, are small, and student curricula is individualized.

The Speyer Legacy School seeks students who are academically motivated and engaged, and can participate successfully in an accelerated and demanding curriculum. The school schedule will allow for individualized placement of students based on the great variety of skills, needs and levels of maturity.

Our team of administrators and faculty work in conjunction with our students and their families to build a community around the children; one that will blur the line between school and home and provide the children with a comprehensive educational experience where scholarship, leadership and mutual respect will thrive.







15 West 86th Street, New York, NY 10024     Phone: (212) 581-4000
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